Bonfire X Upgrade
Bonfire X Upgrade
Bonfire X Upgrade
Bonfire X Upgrade

Bonfire X Upgrade

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Update available until the End of May 2021. 

249 € = Upgrade to Bonfire (when you already have two batteries)

1.189 € = Upgrade to Bonfire, one battery and 5A charger

1.288 € = Upgrade to Bonfire, one battery and 10A charger


Street legal electric motorcycle for the US, European Union & UK. 

Classification: L3e (EU) & Motor driven cycle (USA)

License requirement: A1 (EU) / M1 (USA)*

Delivery: Expected to ship in September 2021.

* Refer to your state’s regulations for local definitions and classifications.

 ** lights are subject to change based on local regulations around the world.

Important Note

This is only for Riders who already bought a Bonfire through our Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign. Please use the same address and email as on your Indiegogo order. 

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High Voltage Performance

Bonfire X comes with a unique dual battery system. Unlike traditional electric motorcycles, the batteries are connected in series. Thereby delivering plenty of power to leave everyone behind.


Top Speed: +90 km/h
Rated Power: 6 kW
Torque: 195 Nm


Range: 100 km
Charging: 80 % in 3 hours
Capacity: 3.6 kWh


Class: L3e (EU) & Motor driven cycle (USA)
License: A1 (EU) / M1 (USA)
Batteries: Removable




Spec Sheet



"Explore the places you love. Grab your camera. It’s time to make some memories."


Speed: +90 km/h
Range: Up to 100 km
Rated Power: 6 kW
Peak Power: 8 kW
Torque: 195 Nm


Cells: Premium 18650 Li-Ion cells
Voltage: 104V
Capacity: 3.6 kWh
Weight: 2 x 11,5 kg
Features: Removable


Motorcycle: 1900 x 700 x 1350 mm
Curb Weight: 109 kg
Seat Height: 780 mm
Wheelbase: 1300 mm



Riding Experience



Spec Sheet

"Bonfire X is made with a passion for when machines were made to last."


Rims: 18'' Aluminium Rims
Front Tire: 18 - 90/90 K60 Heidenau
Rear Tire: 18 - 110/80 K60 Heidenau


System: CBS Dual Calliper
Front: 265 mm disc
Rear: 220 mm disc
Thickness: 3 mm


Front: Telescopic Fork
Travel: 200 mm
Rear: Adjustable Shock Absorber
Length: 335 mm 

All the Specs

Battery & Drivetrain

Type: PSM Hub Motor
Rated Power: 6 kW (8 hp)
Max Power: 8 kW (11 hp)
Torque: 195 Nm

Ride Modes
Eco Mode:
55 km/h (35 mph)
Normal Mode: 75 km/h (50 mph)
Speed Mode: 95 km/h (60 mph)

Type: External charger for standard 110 V/220 V outlets
0-80 %:  3 hours
0-100 %: 4 hours

Mixed city riding: 100 km (60 miles)
High speed riding: 70 km (45 miles) *
* The actual range depends on a number of different aspects, e.g. riding style, rider weight, weather conditions, temperature, road surface and tire pressure.

Cells: Premium 18650 Li-Ion cells 
Voltage: 104V
Capacity: 35 Ah/ 3.6 kW
Weight: 2 x 11,5 kg
Features: Removable, can be charged when installed in bike or separately

Brakes & Suspension

Type (Front): CBS three pistons callipers
Type (Rear): Two pistons callipers
Feature: Hand lever Style
Disc (Front): 265 mm diameter, 3.2 mm thickness
Disc (Rear): 220 mm diameter, 3.2 mm thickness

Regenerative Braking
10 % Energy Recuperation. As you release the throttle you feel the bike slowing down.

Front Suspension
Type: Hydraulic forks featuring 31mm tubes for extra rigidity and strength.
Travel: 200mm

Rear Suspension
Type: Adjustable 335mm dual shocks
Travel: 80mm

Dashboard with battery SoC, voltage, speedometer, odometer, trip meter, ride mode, time and tell-tales.

Body & Legal

Front Hub: Aluminium with 12 mm axle
Rear Hub: Hub Motor
Front Rim: 18” x 1.85” 36 spoked aluminium rims
Rear Rim: 18” x 2.15” 36 spoked aluminium rims
Front Tire: 90/90 - 18 Heidenau K60
Rear Tire: 110/80 - 18 Heidenau K60

Frame, Swing Arm, Box, Side Panels & Fenders are made out of high quality steel
Frame: Steel Tube Chassis

Wheel Base: 1300 mm
Seat Height: 780 mm
Ground Clearance: 240 mm
Fork Angle: 24,5°

Classification: L3e-A1 (EU) / Motor-Driven Cycle (USA)
License requirement: AM or B (EU) / M1 (USA)

Your bike will arrive compliant with your countries regulations. Make sure to follow your state’s regulations.

Specification Sheet

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