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It's time to explore the world with fun & responsibility. 

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Black Tea Bonfire

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Our Spirit

Vintage Inspiration

Do you remember Café Racers, Trackers or Scramblers from the 70's? We bring them back, but clean. 

Check out our Shop for vintage accessories, apparel & spare parts (coming April 2021). 

Our purpose

An Exciting Future

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Our Approach

Doing Stuff Together

Our Black Tea Community shapes the way we improve our bikes. Tell us what you need. Discuss with us new features. Or just take a look at what we are currently working on. 

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Press Articles

The Black Tea Bonfire shapes as a stylish and agile way to get around town"

The German-based company started as a way to make cool-looking electric transportation"

This Tiny Electric Motorcycle Could Be the Perfect Commuter Bike"


Off the beaten path

The desire for the unknown drives us. Nature has many wonders that we want to discover. 

Service reimagined

We give you all the tools so that you can take care of your bike & tell us what we can improve. 

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Fair Pricing

Our bikes are affordable without compromising on design and performance.

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Made in Germany

Our bikes are carefully handcrafted in Munich with a strong focus on quality and durability.

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