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Bonfire X
Bonfire X
Bonfire X

Bonfire X

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Street legal electric motorcycle for the US, European Union & UK*

Classification: L3e (EU) & Motor driven cycle (USA)

License requirement: A1 (EU) / M1 (USA)**

Delivery: Expected to ship in September 2021.

Included: The Bonfire X is shipped with two 52V batteries and two 5A chargers***

* The bike is still in development which is why specifications might change

** Refer to your state’s regulations for local definitions and classifications

 *** lights are subject to change based on local regulations around the world.

Bonfire x

The extreme Version

More Power, better performance, higher top speed and faster acceleration. The Bonfire X is here to break the limits.





Spec Sheet

Explore the places you love. Grab your camera. It’s time to make some memories.


Speed: +80 km/h (+50 mph)
Range: 90 - 120 km
Peak Power: 7 kW
Rated Power: 4 kW
Torque: 180 Nm


Cells: Panasonic NCR18650
Voltage: 100V
Capacity: 35 Ah / 3.5 kWh
Weight: 23 kg
Features: Removable


Motorcycle: 1900 x 700 x 1350 mm
Weight (Dry): 109 kg
Seat Height: 78 cm
Wheelbase: 1300 mm

cell technology

Removable Battery Packs

To ensure longevity, durability & safety, we use two 52V batteries.

Unplugged the batteries are low voltage and can be simply charged at home. Connected in the bike they double their voltage to double the power output.

Battery Spec Sheet


Riding Experience




Rims: 18 x2.15 Aluminium Rims
Front Tire: 18 - 90/90 K60 Heidenau
Rear Tire: 18 - 110/80 K60 Heidenau


System: CBS Dual Calliper
Front: 240 mm disc
Rear: 220 mm disc
Thickness: 3 mm


Front: Telescopic Fork
Travel: 200 mm
Rear: Adjustable Shock Absorber
Length: 340 mm 

Leave Everyone Behind

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