Sales & Orders

The Bonfire will be finally approved in all EU countries, Switzerland & UK in June 2021.

The Bonfire X will be finally approved in all EU countries, Switzerland & UK in August 2021.

Bonfire & Bonfire X will be both approved in the US in May 2021.

As long as you live in any of these countries you can order your Bike directly via our web-shop.

Since we are a young company and need money upfront to pay our suppliers, your bank account/ credit card/ paypal will be charged the full price when ordering.

You will be contacted by us with a confirmation of your order. You will then be informed when the production starts. After a few months, we will ask for your preferred delivery place and method. At production start you will be asked to pay for the reminder of the bike. The bike will then be produced and delivered to you as soon as possible.

You have the right to cancel your order until we have started the production of your bike. If you cancel within 14 days of the order your deposit will be returned to you, otherwise, we keep 250 € as a charge.

We are in the process of setting up financing options. We will offer you the possibility of splitting up the payment in several installments.

Shipping policy

It depends on where you live. Shipping costs are added to the price & you can look up our current prices on our Shipping Page.

Yes you can save shipping costs by picking your bike up in our Munich Assembly. More information during check-out.

At the moment, we deliver to countries of the European Union, Switzerland & the United States of America. This is where our bikes are street legal.

The bikes are either shipped with a motorcycles carrier or in box on a palett. We will deliver it to your home address, fully assembled, and ready to ride.

The first bikes will be delivered in July 2021. The delivery time is dependent on the production queue, if you place a pre-order today we expect to deliver your vehicle within 6 months.

Contact us and we'll send you detailed instructions explaining how to return the bike.

License & Insurance

Bonfire: You need at least the AM licence to drive EU vehicle class L1e which is covered by your car driving license.

In the US, you should look up with your local authorities what licence you need since it differs between states.

Bonfire X: You need at least the A1 licence to drive EU vehicle class L3e-A1.

In the US, you should look up with your local authorities what licence you need since it differs between states.

The Bonfire is insured in the same way as other motorcycles. We recommend you check with your insurance company. Generally they want to know about the specifications of the bike, such as licence type, kW power and more.

About the bikes

You can test drive the bike at our assembly. Please send us an email to setup a test drive.

You will soon also be able to book a test drive via one of our ambassadors, which are Bonfire owners that lend their bike for test rides.

The battery can be charged with all standard outlets.

The battery is fully charged in 6 hours with the normal charger. With the fast charger the batteries are charged in 3 hours.

The entire bike is fully assembled in Germany by our Black Tea Motorbikes engineers.

Warranty, Repairs & Mentainance

If something breaks or you have issues with your bike you should contact us at

We will then arrange for repairs, either at your home location or at a Service Partner close to you.

The Bonfire needs less maintenance compared to a combustion engine motorcycle. For maintenance work you want to perform yourself you will be aided by the owners manual that you receive upon purchase of a bike.

A 2 year and 30.000 km warranty in accordance with EU regulations is included in your purchase. You can read our Warranty Policies for more information.